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Dermaplaning is a premium, non- invasive form of dermabrasion that has been used safely for many years. The process safely exfoliates the epidermis while ridding the skin of the fine vellus hair that affect everyone to a varying degree.

These fine hairs, also charmingly known as “peachfuzz” provide a degree of a barrier and once eliminated will allow cosmetic treatments that are topically applied to better absorb and perform. Contrary to the old wives tale that shaving the hair will allow it to grow back darker, this is simply not the result. As long as the hair removed is the superficial vellus hair, it will re-grow at the same rate and texture it had before the removal treatment.


The Dermaplaning treatment is very effective and safe. Everyone will see and feel wonderful results, but those with fine facial hair, redness or rosacea, visible tiny facial veins, and/or sensitive skin will find the treatment works exceptionally well. Your skin will feel so smooth it will feel like it has not felt for years and years, no matter your age. Your makeup will glide on and will better reflect light for a more youthful look.

With Dermaplaning, a trained esthetician will use a scalpel and a light touch of feathery strokes to gently scrape the surface of the skin. Have you ever noticed that men do not show wrinkles on the lower half of their faces? It is because they shave their skin quite often. Men show their age on their forehead and at the back of their neck, where they do not shave.

Why is Dermaplaning superior to microdermabrasion? It is a deeper and more effective treatment and is an excellent option for those who cannot use peeling agents due to a medical condition, pregnancy, or nursing.

Dermaplaning is not simply shaving of the face however. Dermaplaning gives a deeper level of exfoliation than a razor can and a skilled technician will know how deeply to plane the various areas of the skin. Shaving the skin of women is not recommended unless you are undergoing laser hair removal or electrolysis, and then should be done carefully to avoid bacterial infection.

You will want to use an effective sunscreen after a dermaplaning session as the skin can be very sensitive to the sun and vulnerable to hyperpigmentation (dark skin spots).


As with other exfoliation treatments, products applied post treatment will more freely absorb into the skin and increase the benefits and efficacy of the treatment creams or lotions, so booking this treatment in addition to a facial will give you the best possible outcome of your facial and the products used.

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